What Every Mental Health Professional Needs To Know About Sex, 3rd Edition

By Stephanie Buehler PsyD CST-S

This 3rd edition is truly the A to Z when it comes to assessing and treating sexual health concerns. This is a valuable resource that I’ll be recommending to my colleagues and students and consulting regularly myself!

Lori Brotto

Professor, Faculty of Medicine | Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Executive Director, Women’s Health Research Institute | Canada Research Chair in Women’s Sexual Health

The University of British Columbia

The third edition of this pragmatic resource assists mental health professionals in helping clients resolve sexual concerns that arise during the course of therapy. It has been updated with the latest theoretical approaches, pharmacological treatments, and ethical/legal concerns. It presents a wealth of information on assessing and treating both common and uncommon sexual concerns accompanied by helpful informational worksheets. By offering new case examples exemplifying contemporary concerns such as minority stress, intersectionality, and recognition of therapist privilege in relation to client, the new edition emphasizes diversity inclusive of sexual and gender minorities. It covers the latest technology in telemental health and the role it plays in the sex lives of clients.

Designed to take the uninformed reader or one who might be uncomfortable about sex to a place of knowledge and competence, the book includes strategies to help both the client and therapist become more comfortable with sexuality. Take-Away Points, Activities and Resources in every chapter and downloadable forms, templates, and tools combine to make this an indispensable resource. Purchase includes digital access for use on most mobile devices or computers.

New to the Third Edition:

  • Updated approaches to considerations of gender identity
  • The impact of intersectionality, oppression, and minority stress
  • De-pathologizing “kinky” behavior
  • Understanding the “orgasm gap” and “orgasm equality”
  • Treating couples who want to open their relationships
  • Applies mindfulness to treatment of sexual problems
  • Expanded information about the sexological ecosystem
  • Treating out-of-control sexual behavior and the new Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder ICD-11 diagnosis

Key Features:

  • Provides clear treatment recommendations for nearly all sexual concerns
  • Uses an ecosystemic approach for assessing individuals and couples
  • Explains how to assess and treat sexual pain disorders
  • Covers sexuality across the lifespan
  • Includes “Step into My Office” vignettes offering a glimpse into everyday sex therapy practice
  • Provides activities for reader to reinforce information including “Take-Away” points, downloadable forms, templates, and tools
  • Instructors Manual and PowerPoint presentation for each chapter

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