Workbook For Radiographic Image Analysis, 6th Edition

By Kathy McQuillen-Martensen MA RT(R), Stephanie Harris B.S. R.T.(R)(M)(CT)

Review, practice, and apply concepts of digital imaging and positioning! With chapters corresponding to the chapters in Radiographic Image Analysis, 6th Edition, this practical workbook provides projections and questions to help you hone your imaging and evaluation skills. Exercises for each procedure ask you to correct positioning errors, practice critical thinking, and solve positioning challenges. Adding evaluation images beyond those in the main text, this workbook helps you prepare for success on the ARRT® certification examination and in radiography practice.

  • Positioning and technique exercises help with knowledge retention and prepare you for success in radiography practice.
  • Study questions for each procedure focus on how the patient should be positioned to obtain an accurately positioned projection, and help you prepare for the ARRT® certification examination.
  • Poorly positioned projections not included in the textbook focus on each topic and procedure, and ask you to find the cause of the problem.
  • Questions on improperly positioned projections ask you to evaluate the image and make adjustments when the images are suboptimal.
  • Answer key to the study questionsmay be found on the Evolve website forRadiographic Image Analysis, under student resources.
  • NEW! Updated content reflects the changes and new information in the 6th edition of Radiographic Image Analysis.

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