An Introduction To Medical Spanish: Communication And Culture, 5th Edition

The updated, fifth edition of the widely used introductory Spanish textbook designed specifically for health care professionals Nurses, doctors, dentists, and other health care professionals increasingly need to communicate with patients in Spanish. Formerly titled An Introduction to Spanish for Health Care Workers, the fifth edition of this popular textbook is designed for students with little or no formal background in Spanish. It uses text, audio, video, classroom activities, and electronic exercises to teach basic grammar, specialized medical vocabulary, and colloquial terms as well as customs and communication styles. An interactive companion website features video clips that demonstrate practitioner‑patient interactions and offers self-correcting exercises, an audio program, and flash cards.   The fifth edition is also updated with   • New topics, including muscles, pediatrics, heart disease, neurologic exams, and zika • Nearly 300 classroom activities, including exposition activities to develop the presentational mode of communication • Expanded vocabulary lists, sorted by frequency
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