Anatomic Exposures in Vascular Surgery, Fourth Edition

by R. James Valentine, MD, FACS

Featuring more than 550 full-color, 3-dimensional drawings of anatomic exposures for every open vascular procedure you’re likely to perform, Anatomic Exposures in Vascular Surgery, 4th Edition, clearly and uniquely depicts the anatomy the vascular or general surgeon will see in the operating room. In practical detail, it describes and shows the anatomic relationships of blood vessels and surrounding fascia, muscles, and nerves that surgeons should be familiar with when operating on the vascular system, as well as how best to approach the vessels through and around those surrounding tissues. Concise, focused text accompanies each drawing on the same page, making information easy to find and digest.

  • It contains hundreds of full-color, 3D-style drawings by renowned surgeon and artist Dr. Gary G. Wind, accompanied by succinct and clearly written text by Dr. R. James Valentine, covering all areas of the body and focusing on key anatomic relationships that are most important to the surgeon.
  • Features new sections on upper and lower extremity compartment syndrome/fasciotomy, transcarotid revascularization, bilateral anterior thoracotomy, exposure of the subcoracoid space, harvesting the radial artery, retrograde mesenteric stenting, and left renal vein transposition.
  • Divides each chapter into anatomic overview and surgical approach sections, allowing the book to be used for extensive study or quick review.
  • It contains sections on embryology and anatomic variations, helping you understand possible explanations for variations and identify unexpected anatomy when it is encountered.
  • Includes up-to-date references regarding various approaches, as well as benefits and drawbacks or pitfalls to be avoided.

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