Anatomic Pathology Board Review, 2nd Edition

Jay H. Lefkowitch, MD

Featuring hundreds of multiple-choice questions and full-color illustrations, Anatomic Pathology Board Review serves as a comprehensive resource for both certification and recertification exams. This fully updated medical reference book contains chapters covering general pathology, the major organ systems, and ancillary diagnostic techniques, as well as important topics including immunohistochemistrycytopathology, and molecular diagnostics. It’s the perfect tool to help you be as prepared as possible for the anatomic pathology boards!

  • Understand why an answer is correct or incorrect with help from brief explanations accompanying each.
  • Access coverage of all of the major organ systems and ancillary diagnostic techniques.
  • Prepare for the boards with updated coverage of all of the most important topics on the anatomic pathology board exam, as well as over 900 MCQs835 full-color illustrations, and a format that mimics that of the actual test.
  • Easily find specific diagnostic entities through a new index to images and topics.
  • Get a clearer view of critical material thanks to an improved design and larger illustrations.
  • Includes 1 year of free access to the new Pathology Board Review assessment and testing website, which features all of the questions in the print book, along with additional questions presented in practice mode (with immediate feedback) or timed test mode (with feedback and a score given after the test is taken). The site also includes questions tied to virtual microscope images.

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