Anatomy and Physiology in Healthcare, 1st Edition

by Paul Marshall

This book integrates clinical cases with the essential biological facts to provide all students with a thorough understanding of how anatomy and physiology can be applied in healthcare. The aim is to help students grasp the relevance of anatomy and physiology as underpinning knowledge that informs decision-making and care delivery.
The book focuses on concepts useful in understanding their application to practice, supported by case studies to aid learning. Case studies have been selected that reflect common conditions encountered in practice today and the changing patterns of disease and healthcare.
Anatomy and Physiology in Healthcare is focused on what students need to know about the biological principles that underpin the practice of healthcare. Clear, high-quality full-color illustrations, links to appropriate web-based material, and a range of self-assessment material make this the perfect textbook for all healthcare students—the ideal alternative to the large textbooks for medical students that are normally offered.

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