Annual Review Of Nursing Research, Volume 37: Transcultural And Social Research

One of the most challenging aspects of the current healthcare system, especially for nurses, is cultural diversity across a variety of societies.

Nurses, caregivers, and other practitioners must be equipped and aware of their patients’ cultural background in order to respond appropriately and sensitively while providing the proper care. Clearly the techniques and beliefs within cultures is highly diverse, requiring those providing care to possess knowledge that allows them to combine global and cultural practices into their day-to-day occupation. This consist of not only learning cultural differences and similarities, but examining nursing throughout other parts of the world, and the health problems being faced in different geographical settings.

This volume is intended to provide nurses, physicians, specialists, and providers with the information needed to provide capable care and treatment to individuals of diverse cultures.

Each chapter author was selected for their interest and knowledge of transcultural and social research. The content of this volume provides a look at classic contributions to the field, up-to-date research, and evaluates the impact of diverse cultures on issues that may affect nursing and health care, such as:

Key Topics:

  • Leininger’s Culture Care Diversity and Universality
  • The Current State of Transcultural Nursing
  • Transcultural Mental Health Nursing
  • Culture and Consent in Clinical Care
  • Obesity Among African Immigrant Populations
  • Cultural Factors Influencing Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors

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