Applied Anatomy For The FRCA

Applied Anatomy For The FRCA covers the anatomical knowledge that trainee anaesthetists who are revising for the Primary and Final FRCA exams will need. The topics covered are derived from the FRCA curriculum and include the most up-to-date version of past exam questions, in order to ensure targeted and successful exam revision.

The content, illustrations and overall layout of this book ensure that common gaps in anatomical knowledge encountered by FRCA trainees are included. This reference is divided into sections pertaining to anatomical regions: head and neck, thorax, abdomen, spine, and the upper and lower limbs. The topics of importance to anaesthetists are presented under ‘structures’, ‘circulation’ and ‘nervous system’ (with relevance to regional anaesthesia). Each topic is extensively researched and presented in a simple format for maximum retention. This book makes learning and remembering applied anatomy as straightforward as possible.


Applied Anatomy for the FRCA supplements the knowledge required by trainee anaesthetists appearing for the FRCA exams. Clinical educators will also find it useful in teaching. It serves as a practical reference for anatomical knowledge at any point in an anaesthetist’s career.


About the Editors



Dr Bobby Krishnachetty has been a Consultant Anaesthetist at Southend University Hospital since 2010 and a college tutor for six years. She completed her diploma in medical education and is the author of The Final FRCA Structured Oral Examination: A Complete Guide. She is also the organiser of the regional teaching for Core trainees in the East of England school of anaesthesia, as well as Founder of the ‘Southend Viva Club’ Primary and Final FRCA SOE revision courses for more than nine years, and Cofounder of MRCS OSCE webinars.


Mr Abdul Syed has been a Consultant Surgeon at Southend University Hospital since 2015. He is Lead for postgraduate teaching of surgical trainees, Cofounder of MRCS OSCE webinars and conducts Core surgical trainee interview skills courses. Mr Syed is also an Assessor for medical school interviews and an active participant in QI projects and research.

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