Cardiac Anesthesia: A Problem-Based Learning Approach (Anesthesiology A Problem Based Learning)

by Mohammed Minhaj (Editor), Magdalena Anitescu (Series Editor)

Cardiac Anesthesia: A Problem-Based Learning Approach¬†provides a comprehensive review of the dynamic and ever-changing field of cardiac anesthesia. Its problem-based format incorporates a pool of multiple-choice questions for self-assessment. Each of its 36 case-based chapters is accompanied by questions and answers, accessible online in a full practice exam. The cases presented are also unique, as each chapter starts with a case description, usually a compilation of several actual cases; it then branches out through case-based questions, to increasingly complex situations. This structure is designed to create an authentic experience that mirrors that of working through the nuances of a complicated clinical scenario. The discussion sections that follow offer a comprehensive approach to the chapter’s subject matter, thus creating a modern, complete, and up-to-date medical review of that topic.


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