Challenging Cases In Pediatric Cardiology

by Dr. William Robert

This valuable reference features 35 cases to assist primary care physicians in diagnosing and treating children with common and uncommon cardiac conditions. Cases are grouped by treating location: office, nursery, emergency department, and pediatric intensive care unit.

Following the case presentation, each chapter follows the steps of differential diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, and discussion. Valuable pearls of information are included, as well as “Practice Points,” which is a quick refresher on the key issues presented in the case.


  • Refractory Supraventricular Tachycardia and Hypotension
  • Cyanosis Without a Murmur
  • Enlarged Cardiac Silhouette on Chest Radiography
  • A Loud Murmur in a Neonate Without Symptoms
  • Small Heart with “White Out” on Chest Radiograph
  • Cardiac Arrest in an Adolescent
  • Recurrent seizures and a Family History of Sudden Death
  • Wide QRS Tachycardia and Heart Failure
  • Wheezing and Recurrent Pneumonia
  • And more…
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