Clinical Manual Of Pediatric Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry, 2nd Edition

Now in a thoroughly updated second edition, Clinical Manual of Pediatric Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry remains the only textbook in the field that provides a focused and useful clinical guide to the psychiatric and psychological assessment of physically ill children and adolescents. Covering all of the common clinical psychiatric consultation questions that arise in the pediatric hospital, this book is designed for both novice trainees approaching their first pediatric consultation-liaison psychiatry rotations and advanced and experienced practitioners seeking information on psychopharmacological management of physically ill children. Chapters 1 4 provide an overview of pediatric consultation-liaison psychiatry, including assessment principles and legal and forensic issues. Chapters 5 14 are devoted to specific psychiatric symptoms and disorders in physically ill children and adolescents. Chapters 15 18 address issues related to treatment and intervention. New to the second edition are discussions of catatonia, serotonin syndrome, neuroleptic malignant syndrome, autoimmune encephalitis, and pediatric acute-onset neuropsychiatric syndrome (PANS), as well as an overview of fabricated or induced illness symptoms. Completely updated to reflect advances in research and treatment options, Clinical Manual of Pediatric Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry provides practitioners with concise and pragmatic ways of organizing the key iss
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