Clinical Obstetrics And Gynecology, 2nd Edition

By Sharmila Sharmila Arun Babu
Following an overwhelming positive response to the first edition of Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology from students, faculties, and practitioners, we have come out with this thoroughly edited and revised second edition. The contents of the book have been updated to incorporate the practical aspects of the new competency-based medical curriculum (CBME). This book is specifically designed to cover important clinical cases and practical viva voce topics in obstetrics and gynecology, making it a one-stop solution for medical students and practicing clinicians. Both undergraduate and postgraduate students will find it to be a helpful companion throughout their clinical postings and practical exams. Salient Feature • The content has been revised to include all the practical skill-based competencies as per the new CBME curriculum outlined by the National Medical Council. • All the chapters have been meticulously updated to include the latest guidelines and clinical recommendations. • The book has 4 parts: obstetrics, gynecology, practical viva voce topics, and objective structured clinical examination (OSCE). Parts 1 and 2 include obstetric and gynecology clinical cases presented in a systematic format for easy understanding; Part 3 includes the practical viva voce topics that will serve as a ready reckoner while preparing for exams. Part 4 on OSCE is a new feature of the book that has been introduced as per the requirements of the new CBME. This section includes clinical procedures, examinations, counselling sessions, and informed consent that can appear in the OSCE practical exam, detailed in a step-by-step manner.• High yield points, Extra Edge, Viva Corner, Recent Advances, and Frequently Asked Via Questions, which were special highlights of the first edition, have been retained in this second edition with updated contents. • The content is based on standard reference textbooks and evidence-based guidelines and has been independently peer reviewed by experts of national repute. • Simple language, bulleted points, illustrations, tables, and coloured images have been retained in this edition, which makes the book an easy and enjoyable read. • Complimentary access is provided to online supplementary material that includes video demonstrations of obstetric examinations, mechanisms of labour, and common surgical procedures. Online Resources • Free Access to the e-book; • Supplementary videos


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