Clinical Pharmacology For Prescribing

Clinical Pharmacology for Prescribing¬†explains how drugs work and why they should be prescribed for common medical conditions. Linking disease processes to pharmacological interventions, this guide gives a sound basis for evidence based prescribing. 

Written for medical students, trainee doctors and non-medical prescribers, it addresses all aspects of practical pharmacology, explaining drug classes, their mechanisms and effects on the body. Ultimately its focus is on clinical use, so that safe prescribing decisions are based on sound understanding of science – why and how drugs work to treat common conditions.

Every chapter provides clear linkages between pathophysiology of disease and drug mechanisms, highlighted in original illustrations that bring together drug mechanisms, pathways and their place in medical management. Unwanted effects, drug interactions and prescribing warnings are emphasised to help the reader become aware of critical issues in prescribing. This resource also addresses how to prescribe for vulnerable patient groups and provokes deep understanding for patient safety.

Written by a Practicing Pharmaceutical Physician with a D.Phil in Pharmacology, an Assistant Professor with the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and a Senior hospital-based Clinical Pharmacist. The textbook has been extensively reviewed by practicing clinicians such that this new resource exemplifies the skills and knowledge needed for practical, legal and safe clinical prescribing.

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