Colour Doppler In Obstetrics and Gynecology: Text And Atlas

This book is a practical guide and a quick reference for obstetricians and gynecologists to ease out the use of Doppler technology for better diagnosis with ultrasound. It indicates the use of Doppler for the differential diagnosis of different endometrial and myometrial lesions, as well as ovarian and tubal lesions. Doppler has a major role to play in suspected chromosomal and cardiac abnormalities in the first trimester and in the detection and differential diagnosis of structural abnormalities in the second trimester. This book consists of 12 chapters, which include Doppler basics for a gynecologist, endometrial lesions and Doppler, Doppler in myometrial lesions, role of Doppler in diagnosing gynecological malignancies, Doppler for differential diagnosis of adnexal lesions, understanding reproductive endocrinology by Doppler, ultrasound and a treatment cycle, Doppler in normal and abnormal early pregnancy, Doppler in fetal echocardiography, role of Doppler in intrauterine growth restriction and pregnancy-induced hypertension, fetal anemia: role of Doppler, and Doppler for diagnosis of congenital fetal abnormalities. This book clearly shows the dramatic development in clinical application.

Winco Medical Book