Community Pharmacy Practice Guidebook

By Jessica Wooster, Frank Yu

Get up to speed on everything there is to know about community pharmacy!

This unmatched resource provides the tools you need to operate, manage, and advance community pharmacy. The authors have gathered information from practicing community pharmacists to deliver the most salient information you need to know.

The Community Pharmacy Practice Guidebook covers everything from operations and financial aspects to hiring and managing staff and important quality metrics within the community pharmacy practice setting. Delivering real-world content and practical applications for building the specific skills you need to succeed helps you create innovative solutions to optimize business and patient-related outcomes through clinical and value-added services specific to the community.


  • Practice questions at the beginning and end of each chapter to test your knowledge.
  • Each chapter includes practical application cases to build problem-solving skills related to community pharmacy.
  • Real-life anecdotes, not just fictional situations, provide a clear picture of how community pharmacy actually works.
  • Coverage of community pharmacy models, legal considerations, pharmacy ownership and entrepreneurship, workflow optimization, human resources management, inventory, the role of technology, payment models and methods, clinical and value-added services, risk management, quality metrics, and more.


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