Compendium of Therapeutic Choices, 2019 Edition

Image of Compendium of Therapeutic Choices, 2019 EditionCTC is the trusted reference for Canada’s health care providers, guiding clinical decision making at the point of care by providing unbiased, evidence-based, practical information on hundreds of medical conditions.

Practical, bottom-line, clinical information covering more than 200 common medical conditions is referenced and organized in a concise format by therapeutic condition. More than 70 chapters cover drug therapy during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The content is based on the best available evidence, subject to a rigorous peer review process.

Here’s what’s new in CTC 2019:

  • Four new topics:
    • Lyme Disease
    • Medical Abortion
    • Viral Hepatitis — Acute
    • Viral Hepatitis — Chronic
  • All 130 chapters and 4 appendices reviewed
  • 60 chapters fully revised, updated and peer-reviewed
  • All drug tables completely revised and updated
  • ISBN-10: 1772410098
  • ISBN-13: 978-1772410099