Comprehensive MCQs in OBS and GYNAE

Nadeem Shahzad Goraya


MCQs are an integral component of all undergraduate and postgraduate examinations in Pakistan and worldwide. Most of our medical institutes are following the one best answer pattern. MCQs are an essential tool to evaluate the knowledge of students. In order to meet a persistent demand from my MBBS students and to fulfil my own aspiration to write a book on the subject, I ventured to write a concise book on the subject.

Comprehensive MCQs Obs & Gynae is the result of that endeavour. Writing a MCQs book is always a challenging job because one cannot specify the target readers. This book is basically designed for the undergraduate MBBS students by keeping in mind their learning needs. Postgraduate students can also benefit from this book.

All the MCQs are made according to general principles of medical education, in order to prevent the monotony different varieties of MCQs are included, without compromising the basic format. Learners can also test their skills to apply clinical knowledge by solving scenario based MCQs.

This book has 530 MCQs, before selecting MCQs from each topic, blueprinting was done and more MCQs were included from those topics which are important from examination point of view as well as which are commonly encountered in the practice of this specialty. This book is divided into two major sections, first is Obstetrics and second is Gynaecology. Obstetrics part contains 280 MCQs and Gynaecology part comprises 250 MCQs. Almost all of the main topics are covered and each section is further subdivided to facilitate readers in schematic preparation.

The section of answers and explanations is added in the last chapter of the book. If readers feel difficulty in answering a MCQ they can consult this section and correct their mistakes as such an exercise will pave their way towards active learning.


Nadeem Shahzad Goraya MBBS, FCPS (GYNAE), DMRT, FACS

Assistant Professor, Obstetrics and Gynaecology King Edward Medical University, Lahore