Dementia Care: International Perspectives

by Alistair Burns (Editor), Philippe Robert (Editor)

Dementia is a challenge facing health and social care around the world. Due to factors such as growing elderly populations, improved recognition, and diagnosis, the number of people with the illness is set to double over the next two decades. As a result, improving the quality of life for dementia patients and carers is an international priority. 

Dementia Care: International Perspectives is a comprehensive resource offering a global view of the clinical management and resources offered to carers and patients. Featuring 47 country profiles across 5 continents, this resource offers invaluable insights into dementia care across borders and different cultures. Each country profile features a helpful summary of key points, and contains an up-to-date, concise discussion on the clinical management of dementia within the country.

This unique compendium has been written in collaboration with the International Dementia Alliance (IDEAL) to develop understandings of clinical practice and services available around the world, hoping to unify ideas and ultimately improve quality of care.

Written and edited by the world’s leading experts, Dementia Care: International Perspectives is a useful tool for researchers, clinicians, policy makers, academics, and international commentators wishing to expand their knowledge of the subject.

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