Emerging Technologies For Nurses

Learn and innovate with the latest technologies in nursing and healthcare!


The first text of its kind in nursing, this book provides up-to-date information on innovative, smart technologies that nurses can use in clinical and nonclinical settings to keep up with the changing face of healthcare.

This compelling guide will provide you with information about exciting areas of technology that have great potential to improve patient care. Subjects include big data, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented realities, connected technologies, and precision health. There is also discusson of the shift of healthcare delivery into the community, with an outlook on improving outcomes and enhancing practice.

Each chapter focuses on developing competency in current and future real-world applications of emerging technologies. Early chapters describe how to utilize new tools, processes, models, and products to serve the quadruple aim of better managing populations, decreasing costs, and enhancing both the patient’s and the clinician’s experience. The culture of innovation coincides with the ever-changing politics of healthcare in later chapters, which then evolves into the entrepreneurial opportunities for nurses.

This text is an essential introduction for all practicing nurses, nurse leaders, and nurses teaching health information technology or informatics courses.

Key Features:

  • Written by nurses for nurses
  • The latest information on emerging health information technology and associated nursing implications
  • Compelling cases show the dramatic effect of innovations on value-based care
  • Learn how applying novel technologies can improve patient care
  • Qualified instructors have access to supplementary materials, including PowerPoint slides and an Instructor’s Manual

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