Endoscopic Neurological Surgery, 1st Edition

by David F Jimenez

Salient Features: This book focuses on Endoscopic Neurological Surgery. Neurological surgery is a discipline of medicine and a specialty of surgery that provides the operative and non-operative management of disorders of the central, peripheral, and autonomic nervous systems, including their supporting structures and vascular supply. – This book consists of 16 chapters, which include a history of neuroendoscopy, endoscopic ventricular anatomy, endoscopes and instrumentation, approaches to the ventricular system, third ventriculostomy, endoscopic treatment of symptomatic midline cavum septum pellucidum cysts, arachnoid cysts, endoscopic management of frontal epidural lesions, endoscopic resection of colloid cysts, multiloculated hydrocephalus, endoscopic neuronavigation and image guidance, endoscopic tumour biopsy and resection, endoscopic microvascular decompression, endoscopic carpal tunnel release, intraventricular cysts, and risks and complications. – The impetus for writing this book came from the desire to share many of these “pearls” with those interested in the field and who are beginning to embark on its execution. – Additionally, it has also been written for those in the medical profession who may be interested in the subject. These include residents, medical students, physician assistants, and nurses. – The chapters cover a wide spectrum of clinical problems that are amenable to endoscopic treatment.

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