Essential Microbiology For Dentistry, 5th Edition

The latest edition of this essential textbook continues to support a new generation of dental students in their understanding of microbiom and oral microbiota, basic immunology, oral and systemic infections and cross-infection control.

Fully updated throughout with the latest developments in oral microbiology, microbiomics, disease prevention and control, Essential Microbiology for Dentistry will be essential for all undergraduates studying dentistry as well as anyone undertaking postgraduate training.

  • Friendly, accessible writing style helps readers engage with key information
  • Helpful self-assessment – in the style of both dental school and RCS exams –enables students to monitor their progress
  • Evidenced-based throughout to help facilitate safe clinical practice
  • Ample use of artwork helps explain complex structures, physiological processes and the effect of drug intervention
  • Helpful use of italics for clinically relevant facts and emboldened key words to highlight important information
  • Presents the latest national and international guidelines
  • ‘Key Fact’ boxes at the end of each chapter help summarize core information
  • Contains a comprehensive glossary and abbreviations list
  • Expanded to meet the higher-level of understanding and application of knowledge required of students today
  • Provides a fuller discussion of the oral microbiome and the microbiota ; new microbial identification technology; antibiotic steweardship; endodontic infections; implant-related infections; plaque biofilms and the systemic disease axis and the current guidelines on antimicrobial prophylaxis
  • Contains new photographic images – many previously unpublished
  • Provides enhanced discussions of newer molecular based methods of diagnosis
  • Explores the latest research in dental plaque biofilm functionality and metabolism, and the mechanisms of enhanced resistance caused by biofilms

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