FAST PACES Clinical Medicine By Dr. Muhammad Imran Babar

FAST PACES Clinical Medicine

By Dr. Imran Babbar

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FAST PACES Clinical Medicine By Dr. Muhammad Imran Babar

by Dr. Muhammad Imran Babar

Clinical examinations are an integral part of assessing a physician’s competence. Success relies heavily on a systematic, practical, and rational approach to clinical problem-solving skills. This text condenses decades of my clinical teaching experience and was refined based on input from examiners and candidates. It focuses on avoiding clinical examination pitfalls. Supporting sections focus on the common questions that follow a case presentation.
The father of modern medicine, William Osler, said, “Medicine is learned by the bedside and not in the classroom.” This book gives physicians a concise and clear direction to steer toward ground zero in the limitless sea of medicine. It is geared toward candidates preparing for post-graduate clinical examinations that use a short or long-case format. Medical students will find it incredibly useful for their clinical rotations and undergraduate clinical exams.
Finally, the secret to success lies in practicing with purpose. The accompanying “FAST PACES” course focuses on helping candidates implement the skills learned from the book and ensuring success in clinical examinations.


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