Flaps and Grafts in Dermatologic Surgery, 2nd Edition

by Thomas E. Rohrer MD (Author), Jonathan L. Cook MD (Author), and Andrew Kaufman (Author)

Achieve optimal results in reconstructive surgery involving flaps and grafts with this up-to-date reference written by leading dermatologic surgeons. Using a systematic approach, Flaps and Grafts in Dermatologic Surgery, Second Edition, by Drs. Thomas E. Rohrer, Jonathan L. Cook, and Andrew J. Kaufman, offers practical, easily accessible guidance in this challenging area, including anatomical considerations, the delicate nature of tissue movement, principles of aesthetic surgical closures, relevant tissue biomechanics, and much more. Covering everything from the basic linear and arciform closures to the more challenging V-Y advancement flaps and complex staged interpolation flaps, this text clearly presents not just “how to do it” but, more importantly, the thought processes behind the selection and execution of each reconstructive procedure.

  • Describes which flap or graft to choose in specific clinical situations, how to execute each repair (with a multitude of images and diagrams), and how to minimize the risks as well as manage potential complications.
  • Provides algorithms to assist with flap and graft choices, as well as hundreds of superb full-color illustrations throughout.
  • Includes an all-new chapter on surgical complications and scar revisions.
  • Includes access to high-quality videos showing exactly how the flap or graft is incised, moved, and sutured. New videos include the Rhomboid Transposition Flap for Defects on the Lower Lid, the Island Pedicle Flap with Canthal Suspension, and the Primary Lid Repair with Diagonal Tarsal Suture Sine Marginal Sutures.


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