Foundations of Orthopedic Physical Therapy 1st Edition

A tool for students, educators, and clinicians, Foundations of Orthopedic Physical Therapy contains the latest literature in orthopedic physical therapy and guides readers through all elements of orthopedic assessment and treatment.

Drs. Harvey Wallmann and Robert Donatelli offer a contemporary, evidence-based approach, working to address the topics that influence clinical decisions when developing rehabilitation and exercise programs. The text is consistent with the concepts and terminology presented in the APTA Guide to Physical Therapist Practice 3.0 and reviews the clinical practice guidelines for different conditions and body regions with an explanation of different levels of evidence.

Foundations of Orthopedic Physical Therapy emphasizes a comprehensive method to assessment that produces treatment guidelines instead of rigid protocols and incorporates basic principles of evaluation, examination, and clinical reasoning. Each chapter contains author comments focusing on their perception of an effective patient intervention, evidence-based support for their decisions, and illustrative client case studies featuring unique and diverse patients who require specific interventions related to their orthopedic issues.

Five main areas are addressed:
•    Foundations of orthopedic rehabilitation
•    Upper extremity
•    Lower extremity
•    Spinal column
•    Special topics in orthopedic rehabilitation

Foundations of Orthopedic Physical Therapy is the perfect guide for students intending to work with the orthopedic population in the treatment and intervention of injuries, pathologies, and disorders, or practicing physical therapists who want to expand their knowledge.

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