Gynaecology For The Obstetrician By Swati Jha & Priya Madhuvrata

by Swati Jha & Priya Madhuvrata

In this era of specialisation, obstetricians are becoming increasingly skilled at their jobs and deskilled in areas outside their expertise. In recent years, the education and training curricula for obstetrics and gynaecology has changed, with obstetricians expected to manage women with complex gynaecological problems encountered during pregnancy and the postnatal period competently, despite training and curricula not covering these problems in detail. Exploring common gynaecological problems such as ovarian cysts, management of vaginal prolapse and female genital mutilation, this practical book offers guidance for managing these conditions throughout the different stages of pregnancy and post-partum. Each chapter has a section on good governance, discussing salient points for clinical practice to improve patient safety and satisfaction, as well as reducing complaints and litigation. This hands-on book provides obstetricians around the globe with the evidence-based knowledge needed to deliver high quality care to pregnant women.