Hall, Schmidt, and Wood’s Principles of Critical Care, Fifth Edition

by Gregory Schmidt

The field’s definitive text is updated with the latest advances in critical care and 1,000+ colour images

Comprehensive and current, Hall, Schmidt, and Wood’s Principles of Critical Care are the authoritative guide to diagnosing and treating the most common problems encountered in the practice of critical care. Written by expert critical care physicians who are also experienced teachers, it features organization, thoroughness, and clarity unavailable in other critical care resources.

This peerless guide provides consensus on the complex and often-conflicting data in the practice of critical care, along with copious diagnostic and treatment algorithms. The text covers every aspect of critical care medicine essential to successful clinical practice, ranging from basic principles to the latest technologies.

This updated fifth edition is highlighted by:

  • In-depth, up-to-date descriptions of the unique presentation, differential diagnosis, and management of specific critical illnesses
  • A logical organ system approach that simplifies the search for thorough and practical information necessary to manage a patient’s specific condition
  • New chapters on Oxygen Delivery Systems; Ultrasound in Critical Care; Fungal and Viral Infections; Pulmonary Hypertension; Alcohol Withdrawal; and COVID-19 and Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH)
  • New material regarding critical care pandemic preparedness and response
  • Enhanced cross-disciplinary chapters addressing the structures and systems of critical care, including staffing, safety, and informatics
  • New contributions on caregiver and family issues and the implications of disordered sleep for the critically ill
  • A full-color presentation

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