Handbook of Lung Cancer and Other Thoracic Malignancies

by Gregory P. Kalemkerian MD (Editor), Jessica S. Donington MD (Editor), Elizabeth M. Gore MD (Editor), Suresh S. Ramalingam MD (Editor) & 1 more_0

Handbook of Lung Cancer and Other Thoracic Malignancies is a practical guide to management of lung cancer and other cancers of the thoracic cavity. Edited by a multidisciplinary team of cancer specialists from leading institutions, the book is an essential day-to-day reference for evidence-based care in thoracic oncology.

This state-of-the-art handbook focuses on evidence-based conventional and novel treatment strategies that have been transforming the landscape of lung cancer and related tumors. It includes guidance on video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery, adjuvant chemotherapy, combined-modality therapy, molecular diagnostic testing leading to molecularly targeted therapy, immunotherapy, stereotactic radiotherapy, and site-directed treatment of oligometastatic disease.

Practical and applicable to the care of real-life patients, this pocket-style resource covers the entirety of the field and is indispensable for clinical oncologists treating and managing thoracic cancer as well as trainees in medical, radiation, and surgical oncology programs needing an accessible point of care resource in one of the most dynamic subspecialty areas in oncology.


  • Provides treatment plans and recommendations for each stage of small cell lung cancer and non–small-cell lung cancer
  • Key Points in each chapter highlight clinical pearls and best practices, and provide recommendations for eliminating common errors
  • Mesothelioma, thymic tumors, and pulmonary neuroendocrine tumors are each covered in separate chapters
  • Outlines strategies for high risk and elderly patients