Huntington’s Disease, 4th Edition

by Gillian Bates (Editor), Sarah Tabrizi (Editor), Lesley Jones (Editor)

It is now almost a decade since the identification of the Huntington’s Disease gene and its mutation. Major advances in our understanding of the disorder have been made during this time. Since publication of the first two editions, much more extensive evidence exists on how the HD mutation actually causes brain pathology. Experimental tools are now available to take this research further towards new therapeutic approaches.
Due to these major changes, this well-established book has been radically updated. An international group of leaders in their particular fields cover the major recent advances in the genetics and neurobiology of the disease. Developments in our understanding of how the molecular basis of the disorder results in brain degeneration, with full coverage of transgenic animal models, neurochemical studies and advances in neuropathology are discussed in detail. The clinical sections cover both neurological and psychiatric aspects as well as new developments in therapy.
This book will continue to provide an invaluable source of information for clinicians and scientists involved with Huntington’s Disease, including geneticists, psychiatrists and neurologists and basic research workers in genetics and neurobiology.