Illustrated Manual of Orthognathic Surgery: Osteotomies of the Maxilla and Midface

by Peter Kessler

The second of a multi-volume set takes into account the deficit of experience and knowledge gained from 3D preoperative planning and postoperative control using new radiological protocols in surgical procedures, with corresponding consequences. It contrasts the established standard techniques of orthognathic oral and maxillofacial surgery with alternatives that are based on years of experience and knowledge gained from better radiological analysis. Orthopaedic oral and maxillofacial surgery has experienced a renaissance in recent years, primarily due to three-dimensional radiological imaging.

The book has deliberately been structured in such a way that the clinical situation is contrasted with a graphic representation for better understanding, which is intended to point out special situations that can in turn positively influence the surgical planning of the intervention in order to avoid undesirable results in the individual case. The book will have a reduced text part, but witha lot of illustrations, in order to show the surgeon, who works image-oriented, the logic of the surgical procedure in a simple and clear way. The graphic illustrations will illustrate the three-dimensionality of the complex anatomy in the midface region close to the orbits and the skull base. Illustrations must help where radiological images fall short. The structure of the book will nevertheless be classic, as the variations of the established techniques can only be understood on the basis of historical development.
A corresponding textbook that combines clinical situations with pre- and postoperative radiological evaluation and graphic explanation does not exist to date. It will appeal to a broad readership of students and professionals working within Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthodontics, Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery, and Otorhinolaryngology. 

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