LANGE Mohrman and Heller’s Cardiovascular Physiology, 10th Edition

By David Harris

The best cardiovascular physiology text for USMLE review and course work

Concise and engaging, Mohrman and Heller’s Cardiovascular Physiology provides everything you need to gain a fundamental knowledge of the basic operating principles of the intact cardiovascular system and how those principles apply to clinical medicine. This updated edition is more reader-friendly and includes important updates, design improvements, and fresh perspectives on critical subject matter.

Succinct but thorough, the text focuses on the facts and concepts you must know to get a solid “big picture” overview of how the cardiovascular system operates in normal and abnormal situations. No other text will prove more valuable in enhancing your ability to evaluate the myriad new information you will be exposed to throughout your career than Mohrman and Heller’s Cardiovascular Physiology. Medical students will find it to be an outstanding review for the USMLE®, and experienced clinicians will find it to be a valuable clinical refresher.


  • Updated to reflect the latest research and developments in the field
  • “Perspectives” in each chapter identify important, currently unresolved issues
  • Clarifies the details of physiologic mechanisms and their role in pathologic states
  • Links cardiovascular physiology to diagnosis and treatment
  • Summarizes key concepts at the end of each chapter
  • Highlights must-know information with chapter objectives
  • Reinforces learning with study questions at the end of each chapter