By Richard M. Schwartzstein
Mechanical ventilators have long been an integral part of the care of patients with acute and chronic respiratory failure, and the recent COVID-19 pandemic has further underscored the need for a greater understanding of the basic principles of their use in today’s ICU. Mechanical Ventilation for Respiratory Failure: Demystifying the Box in the Corner of the Room, by Drs. Richard M. Schwartzstein, Jeremy B. Richards, and Elias N. Baedorf-Kassis, is an easy-to-read, accessible text covering must-know information in this essential area—from basic and core principles to advanced topics in the field.

  • Outline the core physiological principles critical for understanding the use of mechanical ventilators as life-saving treatment for respiratory failure and describe how to apply those principles to basic modes of ventilation
  • Explains how to use mechanical ventilation for common diseases that cause acute respiratory failure
  • Addresses special topics such as esophageal balloons, advanced modes of ventilation, ventilator asynchrony, and more
  • An ideal reference for residents on ICU rotations; critical care nurses, practitioners, and fellows; and respiratory therapistsEnrich Your eBook Reading Experience
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