Medical Biochemistry, 3rd Edition

Medical Biochemistry combines basic science and clinical medicine in a thorough yet accessible, easy-to-read format, and this new edition reflects the latest information on genetic and molecular biology. A new chapter and additional online case studies cover new areas in the field and help clarify difficult concepts. You’ll still get the dynamic, full-color design that makes this biochemistry textbook such an effective resource – complete with case histories, advanced concept boxes, and color illustrations. And, as a Student Consult title, it is fully searchable online with a unique image library, case studies, USMLE-style questions, and online note-taking to enhance your learning experience.

  • Demonstrates the relevance of biochemistry to practice through Clinical Boxes integrated into the text.
  • Provides in-depth coverage of important topics in Advanced Concept Boxes on recent research and more.
  • Explains difficult concepts by working through online case studies that help you apply basic knowledge to clinical practice.
  • Presents the most common lab tests in Clinical Test Boxes that makes referencing and reviewing quick and easy.
  • Offers Active Learning Boxes to allow you to test your knowledge at the end of each chapter and improve retention.
  • Features a new chapter on Genome, Proteome and Metabolome for the latest coverage of these new areas in biochemistry, as well as one on Carbohydrates and Lipids.
  • Includes expanded material on molecular biology to present the nuances of the subject and address those questions that arise during research.
  • Presents 25 additional Case Studies and MCQ’s online with questions and answers that reinforce the material covered.

Editorial Reviews


***2010 BMA Book Awards – Highly Commended – Basic and Clinical Sciences category***

“This is a very thorough book which is great for use for reference and also for quick revision from the summaries at the end of every chapter. The figures are of high quality: figure 1.1 Biochemistry, all in one, is a good overview of the metabolic pathways. Additionally, the clinical boxes highlight clinically relevant information. Overall, this is an excellent resource for undergraduates.” – Judge’s comments

“.It includes all the essential biochemistry needed and indicates further reading at the end of each chapter. Importantly, it frequently uses clinical examples and there is an excellent use of clear and colourful diagrams. There are also a variety of revision questions at the back which are useful for exam practice.” – UK Medical Student

“Graphics are amazing and sooooOOOOO helpful! I have never liked chemistry but thanks to this book I managed to get an A on my Biochemistry 2 exam.” – Medical Student, University of Zagreb

“.[lots of] colourful diagrams that are easy to follow and well explained (unusual for a textbook on biochemistry!). The textbook works through the systems of the body in a very logical and clear way without being too complex or misleading.the authors have clearly spent a lot of time assessing what is relevant for the course and in what detail.” – Medical Student, University of Glasgow