Medical Generalism, Now!


Medical Generalism, Now! is a unique and timely consideration of generalist medical practice. With a focus on the knowledge work of clinical practice and by taking a whole healthcare system view, the book responds to a recognized need to strengthen generalist practice within modern healthcare delivery in both primary and secondary care settings.

Through a series of creative provocations directed to consulting clinicians and their trainers/educators, service leaders and managers, and policymakers, readers are encouraged to challenge the orthodox view that generalism is an outdated ‘jack of all trades’ sub-set of clinical medicine delivering the’simpler’ aspects of medicine, with more complex issues requiring onward specialist referral. Case studies are used throughout to illustrate the challenges to be faced, accompanied by a description of the principles of generalist knowledge work needed to tackle the scenarios described and a discussion of the implications for practice and service redesign.

Essential reading for clinicians, managers, and policymakers across all healthcare settings, the book concludes with a call to action, synthesizing the learning from each chapter to define and describe the delivery of the key changes needed.