Medical Interviews – A Comprehensive Guide to CT, ST and Registrar Interview Skills (Fourth Edition)

by Olivier Picard

Medical interview book specifically for CT, ST and Registrar interviews. Includes detailed techniques and examples as well as up-to-date explanations on important NHS topics.

Written and edited by experts in medical interview skills, this book takes you through all the important aspects of CT, ST and Registrar interviews and will give you a unique insight into the marking schemes. Through the detailed analysis of 120 medical interview questions, techniques and hot topics, you will gain an invaluable insight into a wide range of common medical interview topics such as: – How to talk about your motivation, your skills, experience, strengths and weaknesses. – How to demonstrate your understanding and experience of clinical governance, audit, research and teaching. – How to deal with difficult ethical dilemmas on confidentiality and consent. – How to handle a wide array of difficult colleagues. – How to handle role plays, presentations, group discussions and other communication interview stations. This book gives you all the effective structures and appropriate power words you need to strengthen your answers, ensuring that you come across as a trustworthy, credible and knowledgeable candidate.

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