Obstetric Anesthesia: Quick References and Practical Guides

By Philip E. Hess, Yunping Li, John J. Kowalczyk, and Justin K. Stiles

This succinct, evidence-based book delivers everything you need to provide safe, effective care to pregnant women in subacute and emergency situations

A quick-reference guide designed for on-the-spot clinical guidance, Obstetric Anesthesia: Quick References & Practical Guides fills a gap in the current literature by distilling the information of a comprehensive textbook into a quick review and providing standard instructions that can be integrated into everyday practice. You’ll find a collection of common and uncommon clinical challenges with up-to-date obstetric anesthesia practices that serve both experienced and novice clinicians.

Chapters include a brief review of the topic, clinical pearls, bullet points and tables highlighting key information, references for the latest scientific information and primary literature, as well as guides, protocols, or standard operating procedures for immediate application, all based on the BIDMC Department of Anesthesia’s long history of providing cutting-edge care for pregnant women. The text also serves as a clinical reference guide and teaching tool.

Obstetric Anesthesia: Quick References and Practical Guides:

  • Describes tools and methods for caring for pregnant women in labour
  • Includes the best scientific evidence and BIDMC’s Department of Anesthesia’s Obstetrical Division’s thoroughly tested institutional practices used for the care of pregnant women
  • Incorporates clear, step-by-step instructions and up-to-date guidelines and standards
  • Provides essential information in each chapter, followed by evidence-based best practices for the given topic<
  • Pair succinct presentations with relevant and practical instructions for patient care to support emergency decision-making, problem solving, and patient safety