Oncogenic Viruses Volume 2: Medical Applications of Viral Oncology Research

By Moulay Mustapha Ennaji

Oncogenic Viruses: Medical Applications of Viral Oncology Research, Volume Two builds on the introductory overview of Volume One, Oncogenic Viruses: Fundamentals of Oncogenic Viruses.  It looks at recent advances and medical application of research studies on oncoviruses, including examining oncoviruses on a molecular level, covers diagnostic and prognostic viral biomarkers and identifying biomarkers in specific human cancers, and delves into prevention, treatment and the future of cancer therapy of oncoviruses, antiviral activities and vaccination strategies. Advanced topics and the future direction of oncovirology round out the book.

This book is a comprehensive reference for researchers and practitioners engaged in learning more about the role of oncogenic viruses in the pathogenesis of human cancers and how that information can be applied to identify strategies for prevention and treatment.