Physics for Clinical Oncology (Radiotherapy in Practice), 2nd Edition

By Amen Sibtain, Andrew Morgan, Niall MacDougall

Radiotherapy remains a major non-surgical treatment modality for malignant disease, and an understanding of how this treatment works is essential in ensuring optimum practice. Trainees in oncology learn about ionising radiation, but to understand it fully they must also understand the physics relevant to its use in therapy. This book is written specifically for the oncology and radiation team, supporting clinical oncologists in their understanding of the science which underpins radiotherapy. It begins with basic concepts and then explores the principles and practice of physics as it relates to radiotherapy, including discussion of specific types of therapy.Written by authors chosen for their expertise in in their respective fields, and aligned to the Royal College of Radiologists FRCR Curriculum in Oncology, this volume will provide an excellent source of information for trainee and practicing oncologists, and wider radiotherapy teams. This second edition has been fully updated to reflect advances in technology and the increased complexity in modern radiotherapy, including two new chapters on imaging and a new brachytherapy chapter.