Practical Emergency Resuscitation and Critical Care 2nd Edition

by Kaushal Shah

A fully revised second edition of a practical, easy-to-read and evidence-based text to assist healthcare professionals in the approach to the unstable and critically ill patient. Divided into sections by clinical scenario, the book covers the essential topics most often encountered in the emergency department and intensive care unit. A collaborative project from critical care physicians across multiple different specialties, the text covers general critical care, trauma and end-of-life care as well as emergencies across the spectrum of acute care medicine. The portable format and bulleted content provides practitioners with instant access to the essential information necessary for the diagnosis and management of critical care patients. The book is detailed while remaining focused and succinct, building on the first edition with new infographics for quick review and retention of key concepts. It is an invaluable bedside resource for emergency medicine and critical care clinicians across the acute care medicine spectrum.
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