Practical Guide For Pulmonary Rehabilitation: The Essential Source For Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programs

“This book provides up-to-date knowledge on almost all aspects of the multidisciplinary approach to pulmonary rehabilitation. The book advises on how to open a pulmonary rehabilitation program, how to evaluate the chronic lung patients for their fitness level, to prescribe exercises, how to tackle aspects like end-of-life care and provides information about telemedicine rehabilitation in the COVID-19 era. The book also covers subjects of interest like the history and future of pulmonary rehabilitation, smoking cessation, physiology of the skeletal muscle, airways clearing, medication, oxygenotherapy and special consideration for elderly patients with co-morbidities. There are evidence-based explanations regarding all these aspects that will benefit respirologists who have an interest in pulmonary rehabilitation, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, doctors in training, respiratory nurses, and family medicine physicians. Furthermore, the contributors are professionals with experience in pulmonary rehabilitation in major rehabilitation centers around the world who are known for their research, teaching and publishing in the international arena”–
Winco Medical Book