Principles and Techniques for the Aspiring Surgeon: What Great Surgeons Do Without Thinking

By Keegan Guidolin

Core surgical techniques and skills you need to know

All great surgeons master their craft over many years in the operating room, and much of what they know is learned implicitly—by doing—over countless hours of experience performing surgery. In this must-have guide for medical students and surgical residents, Dr. Keegan Guidolin makes the implicit learning of experienced surgeons explicit so that you can learn the things that nobody thinks to teach you.

Topics include:

The essentials of sutures and needles

  • How to master common surgical knots using one-handed, two-handed, and instrument-tie techniques
  • Tools and techniques to close and manage wounds to promote rapid healing
  • Proper techniques for scrubbing, gowning, and gloving, and for creating and maintaining sterile fields
  • Crucial, junior-level tasks such as how to position and drape patients for surgery
  • Workflow and patient management inside and outside the OR
  • From basic to advanced, the equipment every surgeon needs to know and how and when to use it