Principles of Physiology, 6th Edition

By Debasis Pramanik
This new edition presents a usual large section containing the main text material suitable for the general undergraduate students. This is capped with a newly conceived `Advanced Topics’ section for the advanced and postgraduate students. There is also a concise but highly informative section on practical experiments. An updated account of the diverse topics of physiology. Written in a lucid and student-friendly way. Applied aspects and important concepts have been displayed in coloured boxes for quick glance. Many relevant new diagrams, flowcharts and tables have been added. A special section on ‘Advanced Topics’ has been provided for the undergraduate students and postgraduate trainees. Self-assessment exercises including long questions, short notes, and multiple choice questions with answers have been incorporated at the end of each section. A free Companion-Practical Manual of Physiology provided which gives concise coverage of practical experiments in physiology, equipped with relevant figures and diagrams.

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