Radiation Oncology Review for Boards and MOCs

by George Rodrigues MD FRCPC MSc (Author), and Tithi Biswas MD (Author)

Radiation Oncology Review for Boards and MOC is a singular study guide written for those who are preparing for the American Board of Radiology certification exam or maintenance exam. The authors provide a concise, targeted overview of the key knowledge within each clinical area of radiation oncology practice, as well as related topics that are relevant to practice and are covered on examinations.

Chapters span the relevant disease site and subspecialty areas, including gastrointestinal, gynecologic, genitourinary, breast, soft tissue and bone, pediatric, central nervous system, head and neck, skin, lung/thoracic, and hematologic malignancies. The chapters detail the latest research and statistics, along with essential clinical knowledge on staging, management considerations, treatment planning and simulation, toxicity, follow-up, and outcomes that will be tested during the certification and recertification exams. Each chapter includes a focused practice test with multiple-choice questions and answers, which contain rationales and references. Two full practice exams appear at the end of the book.

Ideal for first-time test-takers and recertification candidates alike, the bulleted, straightforward format will help anyone preparing for the boards or MOC recall their existing, specialized knowledge and sharpen their skills in other areas of radiation oncology.


  • Includes two comprehensive practice tests that assess your knowledge of all disease sites and subtopics
  • Reviews palliative care in several site-specific chapters
  • Presents other related topics crucial to the exam, including biostatistics


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