Review of Radiology 5th edition 2020

by Virendra Jain Rajat Jain (Author)

The fifth edition has been updated keeping in mind all the changes as per the new pattern. Keeping the essence of the book, I.E. Conceptual understanding of subject.A special Chapter has been added for new pattern AIIMS questions to prepare the students for those questions.Lot of images have been added. Newer-image based Questions have been added in Chapter of image based Questions. Theory has been revised at the places required.Few more high yield points have been added. No major changes have been done in this edition. However, recent examination questions have been updated.In one line, the review of radiology will act as a single stop shop for all your radiology related MCQs, asked in various PG entrance exams across country.

  • ISBN-13 : 978-9390020393
  • ISBN-10 : 9390020395