Secrets Of FCPS Part 1 By Dr Rabia Ali 9th ed 2021


Secrets Of FCPS Part 1  2021

By Dr Rabia Ali 8th ed

( Past Papers 2007_ June 2021 )

FCPS 1 PMDC Exam > Basic Science

1 ) chapter wise MCQS of major subject

2) topic wise MCQS of major subject

3) latest question covered with their conceptual undretanding

4) refence of MCQS in conceptual notes

5) concise and conceptual notes of major subject covering all past papers

6) each topic is prepared form 8 to 10 books of major subject

7) potential questions for future exam covered in conceptual and topic wise notes

8) all papers from 2007 _ june 2021

9) simplified book for preparation in a student friendly format

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