Shoulder Surgery Made Easy!: The Singapore Shoulder and Elbow Society Guide to Arthroscopic and Open Shoulder Procedures

By Denny T T Lie
What is causing the shoulder pain? How does one prepare for arthroscopic shoulder surgery? What is adequate subacromial decompression? How does one stabilize the lax capsule in the Asian shoulder? Which of the many suture configurations should one use for the many tear morphologies?Shoulder surgery, especially arthroscopic procedures, has seen a dramatic increase in the past 10 years. With improved diagnostic modalities, increased awareness, and rapid advances in implant technologies, the minimally invasive surgical option has become more appealing to patients.This shoulder arthroscopic surgery guide attempts to answer the questions above and was written as a quick reference and guide for orthopaedic residents and practicing surgeons, with proven techniques developed by the author and contributors over the past 15 years. Each surgical technique has proven published results and thus provides assurance to the readers that these techniques are reproducible.The book starts with a chapter dedicated to a diagnostic approach to shoulder problems, often a confusing symptom that is not well studied. More than 22 surgical techniques are described in detail in succinct and simple point-forms, with each chapter beginning with an introduction to the problem, the surgical technique that the author(s) found useful, post-op care, and ending with the clinical results of this technique.

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