Stroke Nursing, 2nd Edition

Nurses are in contact with people at risk of, and following stroke, at every stage of their journey and in all settings.


The market-leading guide for stroke nursing has been fully updated to reflect advances in clinical management of stroke, and provides a practical, evidenced-based, text to facilitate the provision of optimal stroke care during the primary prevention and acute phases.  It also includes consideration of rehabilitation, recovery and discharge planning, which are integral to acute stroke management and the impact on the experience of life after stroke of individuals and their families.  This essential text provides a greater focus on clinical application in practice, as well as an additional new chapter focused on the knowledge and skills required by nurses.


•     Explores UK and international perspectives on stroke management, and how it underpins management recommendations.

•      Structured to follow the acute stroke pathway experienced by patients.

•      Additional case studies and practice examples.

•      Explicitly links knowledge and skills to clinical practice required by clinicians in the provision of contemporary stroke care.

•      Authored by experienced and expert clinicians and leaders in the field of nursing practice, research and education.

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