Textbook Of Epidemiology, 2nd Edition

By Lex Bouter, Maurice Zeegers, and Tianjing Li

The gold standard in epidemiological texts

In the second edition of the Textbook of Epidemiology, a distinguished team of researchers delivers an extensively updated and comprehensive exploration of epidemiological methods, illuminating the tools for studying the distribution and risk factors of health states and events in populations.

  • An introduction to epidemiological methods with recent and broadly applicable examples
  • End-of-chapter self-assessment questions for readers to check their understanding of key concepts, with answer keys and further enrichment materials available on a companion website
  • A brand-new chapter covering methods for systematic reviews and meta-analysis
  • Accessible material appropriate for clinical practitioners and researchers from around the world

Perfect for professionals working in clinical medicine and public health, the Textbook of Epidemiology will also earn a place in the libraries of allied health professionals seeking a one-stop resource or to re-immerse themselves in specific methodological topics and practices.


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