The Language of Medicine 13th Edition

by Davi-Ellen Chabner

Effectively master medical terminology with Davi-Ellen Chabner’s The Language of Medicine, 13th Edition. Centering on Chabner’s proven method of learning medical terms by studying them in the context of the human body, this highly praised and bestselling text helps individuals of all educational backgrounds easily understand and remember important medical terminology by incorporating easy-to-follow explanations, relevant examples, and countless reinforcement exercises. This new edition also features additional clinical practice exercises; more medical procedure photos; timely content on immunity and vaccines, infection control, advances in cardiology, cancer research, emerging orthopedic treatments; and more. No matter where your career path takes you, Chabner’s proven method for med term mastery will prepare you for success.

  • Simple, clear, easy-to-understand explanations of terms enable readers with little or no previous medical or science background to easily grasp medical terms and concepts.
  • Clinical procedures and lab reports sections show you how terminology is used in health care settings; updated by experts in each specialty to reflect current practice.
  • A wide variety of exercises provide multiple opportunities to reinforce and remember content.
  • Clear illustrations and brilliant images of anatomy, physiology, and pathology orient readers to the structure and function of the body system, providing the best context for learning the medical terms and helping you learn terminology more easily by understanding how it is used in practice.
  • Practical Applications in each chapter (case reports, operative and diagnostic tests, laboratory, and x-ray reports) let youapply knowledge to situations that you will encounter in the clinical environment.
    • Actual clinical procedures and lab tests are provided within body system or medical specialty chapters
    • NEW! Additional clinical practice exercises incorporate medical terms into a clinical context.
    • NEW! More photos of medical procedures to bring terminology to life.
    • NEW! Updated content on infection control, advances in cardiology, cancer research, and emerging orthopedic treatments.
    • NEW! Timely immunity and vaccine content keeps you up to date on the latest advances۔

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