The Rheumatology Handbook for Clinicians, 3rd Edition

By Lori Albert

A point-of-care resource for the management of rheumatologic problems

Topics include:

Physical examinations and approaches to common rheumatologic presentations,

  • How to select and interpret laboratory tests and imaging,
  • How to handle specific rheumatologic emergencies and when to involve rheumatologists and other specialists
  • Joint aspiration and injection techniques.

Joint pain, back pain, and weakness are frequent reasons for people to seek medical attention. This point-of-care guide helps practitioners refine their history and examination, choose appropriate testing, and initiate therapy, where appropriate. The Rheumatology Handbook for Clinicians, endorsed by the Canadian Rheumatology Association, is an indispensable resource for practicing physicians and trainees in rheumatology, internal medicine, and family medicine, as well as other health professionals working in these fields.

This edition is updated with an expanded therapeutics section, infection-related rheumatic problems (including COVID-19), and emerging syndromes such as rheumatic immune-mediated adverse effects of cancer immunotherapy.