The Vital Nerves: A Practical Guide for Physical Therapists

by John Gibbons

Osteopath, lecturer, and author John Gibbons offers an accessible introduction to the peripheral nervous system (PNS). Alongside real-life case studies and guidelines for hands-on work with clients and patients, The Vital Nerves demystifies and makes accessible everything from how to diagnose nerve conditions to understanding how our cells communicate.

Gibbons provides critical insights into the structure and functions of the PNS; the body’s response to stimuli and how it knows what to do; the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems; understanding the stress response; and how reflex testing can aid in diagnosing conditions like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and paresthesias. The Vital Nerves address practical, common considerations like how to:

Assess the nervous system using a patella (reflex) hammer, myotome (muscle) testing, and dermatome (sensory) testing
Determine whether pain in the posterior part of the thigh is caused by the sciatic nerve, piriformis, or simply a hamstring strain
Decide at what level a disc may have herniated
Differentiate between upper and lower motor neurone disorders
Know what to do with the findings of your neurological assessment and the circumstances under which to refer patients for more specialized care.

The Vital Nerves is a comprehensive roadmap to the functional anatomy of the nervous system. Enriched with anatomical drawings and detailed explanations, it explains neurological testing, common neuropathies, and differential diagnoses and is an indispensable resource for physical therapists and bodyworkers.

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